National squash championshop 2019

Stoil Zhilev and Kalina Tsoneva are champions of Bulgaria squash for 2019. They were compelling Republican Squash Championship held this weekend at the Sports Hall Fireball.

Stoil Zhilev achieved four consecutive wins 3-0 games, the finals beat Vasil Velkov with 13-11, 11-9, 11-9. Kalina Tsoneva was also flawless and won without losing a game and won the final against Yoana Kraeva with 11-6, 11-4, 11-7.

Tournament director Lachezar Nikolov said, “I am delighted that the tournament passed with such a good organization of the club host. The victories of Zhilev and Tsoneva are expected, I hope soon to see their successes and European level. “

National championship scoring record number of participants. It is part of the national circuit tournaments Bulgarian Squash Federation, which will determine the national team of Bulgaria for the upcoming Balkan and international championships.

Top 10 men

  1. Stoil Zhilev
  2. Vasil Velkov
  3. Dimitar Zhilev
  4. Lian Todorinov
  5. Janos Brogli
  6. Nikolay Angelov
  7. Dimitar Slavov
  8. Nikolay Markov
  9. Stoyan Marinov
  10. Vasil Kyrpachev

Top 10 women

  1. Kalina Tsoneva
  2. Yoana Kraeva
  3. Najmeh Nuriev
  4. Anelia Dukova
  5. Eileen Saidov
  6. Kremena Ivanova
  7. Maria Gencheva
  8. Raina Stankova
  9. Simon Lincheva
  10. Kristina Kovacevic

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